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Monday, May 28, 2012

The New York Times Letters

new york times letters

Today I had my first illustration piece in the New York Times Letters! The letters were in response to an article last Sunday about focusing on racially integrating schools again, and how that benefits all children. I took about a hundred shots with a million different line-ups for the paper children, and sent six final options over.

Many thanks to art director Sarah Williamson for the call!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunday Style Section: Dita Von Teese & OC Weekly

dita von teese oc weekly cover

This week's Sunday Style Section is inspired by Dita Von Teese's Strip Strip Hooray. I saw it last weekend when it launched in LA, and it was fantastic. More production value and great entertainment than I've seen in a long time. & so much wedding inspiration! (Don't be scared where this is going, Ryan).

And I just loved this cover of my hometown rag, the OC Weekly. Dita Von Teese, the colors, and the hand lettering. I'm in heaven. This would be a dream project for me.

Image from Dita Von Teese

Friday, May 25, 2012

Living in a Material World

material girl

Check out the new illustration I just did for Ten Paces & Draw's Scrunchies & Synth mix tape! It's for Madonna's Material Girl - which my dad said was my theme song growing up.

P.S. Did you know there was that much more to the video? I didn't!

Monday, May 21, 2012

15 Things To Do When Stuck

creative juices apothecary glass

1. go for a walk
2. unplug from every screen
3. read a book
4. read a magazine, even if just for the pictures
5. talk to someone, not about your stuckness
6. watch a movie in a language you don't understand
7. do the dishes
8. take a shower
9. go for a drive
10. do something nice for someone else
11. read an interview with someone who inspires you
12. work on something else
13. write down a list of everything in your head
14. stretch & meditate
15. just start anywhere

And 5 Things Not To Do
1. eat
2. browse pinterest/tumblr/the internet
3. overcaffeinate
4. internet window shop
5. compare yourself to others

etched glass from vinegar and brown paper

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunday Style Section: Reese Witherspoon

reese witherspoon in glamour uk

She's so pretty & fresh in the March issue of Glamour UK. Maybe new hairspiration, if I had the dedication to hot roll my hair every morning.

found via plum pretty sugar

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sunday Style Section: The Blues


Feeling all sorts of blue this week, lots of sad stuff happening. There's the good, too. That's life, n'est pas?

Dress by Marchesa, image found here.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

May Desktop Wallpaper

May Desktop

Hey! You need a new desktop wallpaper for May, right? Why not this one I just illustrated for Ten Paces & Draw's collaboration with The Fox is Black's Desktop Wallpaper Project. You can check out all the different sizes here. The original sketch was by talented Lydia Nichols. Many thanks to Alyssa Nassner and Bobby Solomon for the opportunity!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Career Advice to My 17 Year Old Self

Here's advice I would give to people going into a creative field now:

1. Be persistent. No matter how talented you start out, the playing field is always measured by those who keep going. That in itself, is a valuable skill.

2. Believe in yourself. If you don't, who the hell will? Trust your gut, not a one-size-fits-all program. You know what your experiences are, and when you can present that confidently, people will listen. There are many times through my school life that I knew what I wanted to do, and however uncomfortable it was not to be running with the pack, I would step out of my comfort zone and meet the most amazing people, gain valuable experience, and learn a whole helluva lot more than if I stayed on the beaten path. And that makes you even more marketable.

3. Choosing a creative major or path is not useless. At least not inherently so - but just like any other major, so much of your success after school is based on you. You have to have that ambition, baby.

4. Do internships while you're in school. I've done six. Many were unpaid, including one where I lived with my parents for the summer and commuted 3 hours just to read a script slush pile. A few were paid (I should note, paying ones were all graphic design internships). Here's a secret: people are especially nice and willing to help you if you are offering your time for free. Especially the ones who are worth your time. Also, early on I was too shy to make the most of my internships. Ask lots of questions, engage, act like you're in for the long haul because you never know what rabbit hole you'll fall down. Talk to everyone.

Also, the in school part is key, because after you have your degree is NOT the time to be doing a 2 year long unpaid internship (see: HBO's Girls). That is the time to get off the bank of mom & dad.

5. Sometimes all the doors are closed just so you can open one that leads you down the perfect road. Yeah, I just quoted Katy Perry. Rejection, disappointments, closed doors will always hurt. But that never means the end. In fact, it usually leads you somewhere even better than you could have imagined.

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