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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Vintage Beach Bunny

Tonight's warm-up fashion illustration sketch, hanging onto the dog days of summer.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sunday Fashion Sketch

I can't believe the entire month of August has passed by without a post! It's been a whirlwind, not the least by being punctuated with a vacation to Cabo San Lucas for us to celebrate our first wedding anniversary (!!) and then a summertime cold shortly after (boo).

Thought I would start sharing again with something small, like this Sunday fashion sketch.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Happy National Lipstick Day!

Took a little break from a giant personal project I'm working on this week to make this illustration to celebrate National Lipstick Day! I love lipstick; I feel like I can do anything when I have my red lipstick on.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Happily Ever After

I've been wanting to do a companion piece to my WWA gallery piece, Once Upon A Time.

While at Long Beach Comic Con earlier this summer, a girl bought that print to use in her wedding and asked if I'd be doing a Happily Ever After piece as well. I've been planning on doing it for a long time anyway, and now she gave me a reason to do it sooner rather than later. I finished it this week just in time for her wedding next weekend, and now it's also available for you to get in the shop here!

I'm also considering making a card version of it, since it seems like a perfect piece for all the upcoming weddings this season. Let me know what you think and I might make them this summer, instead of waiting until the shows I'm doing later this year!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Summerland Movie Club Show!

I'm super excited to be sharing that I'll have a piece in the Summerland Movie Club show celebrating the 4th anniversary of Leanna Lin's Wonderland Gallery in Los Angeles! Curated by Supahcute, we were asked to make a piece inspired by our favorite summer movies, so I chose Roman Holiday. Nothing sounds more fun to me than a runaway princess exploring Rome with the handsome Gregory Peck in his peak. Ding dong!

There will be an opening reception party for the show this Saturday, July 12, from 6 to 10pm! It sounds like a rocking good time, so hope to see you there!

Summerland Movie Club Opening Reception
Saturday, July 12
6 to 10 pm
Leanna Lin's Wonderland
5024 Eagle Rock Blvd, Los Angeles, California 90041

*Update: the pieces are now available for sale online!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

More July Sketches

I'm really getting into my daily warm-up sketch before I dive into illustation work for the day! These are for the 2nd and 3rd - Tiger Lily was always one of my favorite Disney princesses because she's so fierce, fearless, and a fantastic dancer. And she isn't afraid to go after what she wants – a princess worth looking up to.

Follow along on my Instagram and Tumblr to keep up with my July daily sketch project!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

July Daily Sketch Challenge!

Happy July! To echo everyone else, I can't believe 2014 is half over. Where did the time go? So in honor of July, and of one of my personal resolutions this year to level up my art skills, I decided to challenge myself to a daily sketch. Here's the first one to start, a pin-up sketch of course. Hope you're taking some time to enjoy the 4th of July, or for my international readers, the beginning of summer/winter (depending on which hemisphere you're in)!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Why The Fuck Not Me?

Been having a bit of a rough time lately, so I came home and lettered this quote (ok, tweet) from Mindy Kaling to help pump myself up again. It totally worked.

Ever have that dream that feels too crazy to even say out loud? That vacation you want to take around the world for a year, but would feel too indulgent? That year you want to live in Paris? That book you want to write, that album you want to record, that shop you want to open? That start-up you want to...well, start? Let go of all those fears of what could go wrong, and think someone has to succeed, so why the fuck not you?

This also happens to be the title of Mindy Kaling's new book, which I can't wait to read since like the rest of the world, I loved her first book.

I also did it in pink, yellow, and white, because clients never let me use these colors. Just going for it!

P.S. It's also available in my shop as a print now.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Pin-up 21/100: Hula Dancer

A return to my 100 Pin-Up Project! I really need to pick up the speed if I want to release a book later this year...set focus to MACH 10.

My love for hula dancing and Hawaii is heightened by the arrival of summer!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

June Reading List

One of the habits I've been focused on getting back in to lately is reading. Audiobooks have helped a lot, and some beach time too. Summer always reminds me of summer reading programs at the library, where you'd get stickers and prizes as you filled out your reading card. Now summer reading prizes would be more like a lazy weekend by the pool, under a big sunbrella with a fruity drink within reach.

I'm changing up my reading lists here, so that instead of putting up books I'm planning on reading, I'm going to share books I've read and a short review. Mostly for my own edification.

So this month, I've read (clockwise from top left):

1. Show Your Work, Austin Kleon.
This is a reread for me - just read it a couple months ago. Really good, short read that's pretty invaluable advice about how to build an audience and make your dreams happen.

2. #GIRLBOSS, Sophia Amoruso.
Honestly, this book has been life-changing for me. It's one of those books that found me at the right time and the right place. I've listened to it on audiobook three times already, and actually ordered a hard copy to reread. I've never done that before, so just read it. Lots of great perspective on career and life, the power of observational skills and magical thinking, and how to really show up for your life.

3. I Feel Bad About My Neck, and Other Thoughts On Being A Woman, Nora Ephron.
The original Mindy project. Nora Ephron is basically Harry and Sally, and that woman you hope to be in the future. Full of funny observations about modern life, while being painfully aware of her own privilege. My favorite line: Oh, how I regret not having worn a bikini for the entire year I was 26. If anyone young is reading this, go, right this minute, put on a bikini, and don’t take it off until you’re 34. Nora, you are so missed.

4. One More Thing, B.J. Novak.
Just ok. Once again, an audiobook listen, so it was entertaining to hear it in the author's voice, and also have guest readers like Mindy Kaling, Katy Perry, Lena Dunham, Rainn Wilson, etc. Stories were short, but a little too aware of its own cleverness for me.

5. Say What You Will, Cammie McGovern.
If you like YA, and you liked The Fault in Our Stars and Eleanor and Park, then you really will enjoy this. I know because I am that demographic. And not just because I illustrated the cover.

What have you been reading? Any good book recs for me?
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